Self Con-fy-end

Emm Emm *confident ⏬*


They said ; Know yourself and you will win all battles ❤

Nah.I dont know myself.I dont even want to know myself. Fuck up with my life.

Poor me i dont have those confident,those beauty faces and brilliant brain. Deym

Life is too complicated and hard.

Something i feel like want to hit myself so hard,slap my "pau" cheeks.Throw myself into my creepy University Lake.Lay on the middle of the road.Kill someone with sexy style using silent gun *i dont know what type of that gun"

But end up creaminggg...cake-ing....singing...sleeping 😂😂

Oh mai goooatt 🐂

What should i do.I wanna improve my self.My level my standard.Increasing the thickness of my wallet.👛 Transform myself to be a better person.Better daughter and better em.. wife? Haha 👰
In Sha Allah 😉

Spot something different?

Yeah darling.Im trying to improve my vocab. Ok bye . See u when i see u 👍💞💓💕💙

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